2006 Bückebrug - ETHB

Last Updated: Sunday, 13 April 2014

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Date: Country: Type: Serial: Remarks: Event:
10 September 2006 Austria SA316B 3E-KX    
  Belgium A109H H42    
  Belgium SE3160 M-2    
  Finland Mi-8PS HS-6    
  France PC-6 887/MCA    
  France SA342L1 4210/AFB    
  France Tigre HAP 2004/ATE    
  Germany Bo-105P 88+05    
  Germany Bo-105P 86+26    
  Germany Bo-105P 86+51    
  Germany Bo-105P 86+55    
  Germany Bo-105P 86+66    
  Germany Bo-105P1 87+92    
  Germany C-160D 50+29    
  Germany C-160D 51+01    
  Germany CH-53G 84+05    
  Germany CH-53G 84+11    
  Germany CH-53G 84+13    
  Germany CH-53G 84+14    
  Germany CH-53G 84+18    
  Germany CH-53G 84+41    
  Germany CH-53G 84+76    
  Germany CH-53G 84+87    
  Germany CH-53GS 84+98    
  Germany EC-135T1 82+51    
  Germany EC-135T0 82+52    
  Germany EC-135T1 82+55    
  Germany EC-135T1 82+57    
  Germany EC-135T1 82+62    
  Germany EC-135T1 82+65    
  Germany Mk-41 89+54 Special Colour  
  Germany Mk-88A 83+09    
  Germany NH90 98+93    
  Germany Tiger UHT 74+08    
  Germany Tiger UHT 98+12    
  Germany UH-1D 71+01    
  Germany UH-1D 71+82    
  Germany UH-1D 72+10    
  Germany UH-1D 72+27    
  Germany UH-1D 72+68    
  Germany UH-1D 72+80    
  Hungary Mi-24P 335    
  Hungary Mi-24V 718    
  Norway AB412SP 139    
  Norway AB412SP 143    
  Switzerland AS532UL T-336    
  United Kingdom Lynx AH9 ZE376    
  United Kingdom Puma HC1 ZJ954    
  United States AH-64D 01-05243    
  United States UH-60 88-26019    


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