2005 Florennes - EBFS

Last Updated: Sunday, 13 April 2014

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Date: Country: Type: Serial: Remarks: Event:
2 march 2005 Belgium F-16A FA- 70   TLP2005/2
  France Mirage 2000N 338 / 4-CG   TLP2005/2
  France Mirage 2000N 345 / 4-BU   TLP2005/2
  France Mirage 2000N 362 / 4-CU   TLP2005/2
  France Mirage 2000N 374 / 4-BS   TLP2005/2
  France TBM700B 136 / ABR   TLP2005/2
  Germany F-4F 37+26   TLP2005/2
  Germany F-4F 37+94   TLP2005/2
  Germany F-4F 38+10   TLP2005/2
  Germany F-4F 38+48   TLP2005/2
  Germany F-4F 38+75   TLP2005/2
  Greece F-4E 1520   TLP2005/2
  Greece F-4E 1524   TLP2005/2
  Italy AMX MM-7182 / 51-52   TLP2005/2
  Italy AMX MM-7186 / 51-05   TLP2005/2
  Spain F/A-18A C.15-79 / 46-07   TLP2005/2
  Spain F/A-18A C.15-81 / 46-09   TLP2005/2
  United Kingdom Tornado GR4 ZA406 / FU   TLP2005/2
  United Kingdom Tornado GR4 ZA556 / AJ-C   TLP2005/2
  United Kingdom Tornado GR4 ZA585 / AH   TLP2005/2
  United Kingdom Tornado GR4 ZD847 / AA   TLP2005/2
  United States F-16CG-40-CF 88-0491 / AV   TLP2005/2
  United States F-16CG-40-CF 90-0773 / AV   TLP2005/2
  United States F-16CJ-50-CF 90-0813 / SP   TLP2005/2
  United States F-16CJ-50-CF 91-0342 / SP   TLP2005/2


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