2010 Beauvechain - EBBE

Last Updated: Sunday, 13 April 2014

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Date: Country: Type: Serial: Remarks: Event:
3 July 2010 Austrian Air Force J105Ö 1136 / F   Base visit
  Belgium A109BA H26    
  Belgium A109BA H46    
  Belgium Alpha Jet AT-14    
  Belgium Alpha Jet AT-22    
  Belgium C-130H CH-12    
  Belgium ERJ-145LR CE-04    
  Belgium F-16AM FA-101    
  Belgium Mk-48 RS-03    
  Belgium SA316B M-2    
  Belgium SF260D ST-06    
  Belgium SF260D ST-27    
  Belgium SF260D ST-30    
  Belgium SF260D ST-40    
  Belgium SF260D ST-40    
  Danish Air Force T-17 T-405    
  Danish Air Force T-17 T-409    
  Danish Air Force T-17 T-414    
  Danish Air Force T-17 T-418    
  Danish Air Force T-17 T-431    
  French Air Force Alpha Jet E22 / 705-LS    
  French Air Force CN235M-200 165 / 62-IT    
  French Air Force EC120B 1573 / F-HBKB    
  French Air Force Rafale C 119 / 113-IX    
  German Air Force Bo105P1 86+11    
  German Air Force P-3C 60+07    
  German Air Force Tornado IDS 46+01    
  Hungarian Air Force AN-26 110    
  Hungarian Air Force JAS-39D 43    
  Irish Air Corps PC-9M 262    
  Netherlands Air Force F-16AM J-193    
  Netherlands Air Force PC-7 L-05    
  North Atlantic Treaty Organisation E-3A LX-N90446    
  Norwegian Air Force F-16BM 305    
  Royal Air Force Hawk T1A XX231    
  Royal Air Force Merlin HM1 ZH860    
  Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 ZA449    
  Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 ZA463    
  Royal Air Force Tucano T1 ZF171    
  Royal Air Force Tucano T1 ZF317    
  Swiss Air Force F/A-18C-49-MC J-5017    
  Swiss Air Force F/A-18C-49-MC J-5023    
  Ukraine Air Force AN-26 25    
  United States Air Force C-21A 84-0111    
  United States Air Force KC-135R 62-3565    
  Civ - Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee DC-6B N996DM    
  Civ - Pilatus PC-12 HB-FVI    
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