2006 Beauvechain - EBBE

Last Updated: Sunday, 13 April 2014

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Date: Country: Type: Serial: Remarks: Event:
3 september 2006 Austria PC-7 3H-FG    
  Belgium A109BA H05    
  Belgium A109BA H07    
  Belgium A109BA H35    
  Belgium Alpha Jet AT10    
  Belgium Alpha Jet AT15    
  Belgium C-130H CH-05    
  Belgium C-130H CH-10    
  Belgium CM-170R MT13    
  Belgium CM-170R MT35    
  Belgium DG300 PL33    
  Belgium ERJ145LR CE-04    
  Belgium F-16AM FA-102    
  Belgium F-16AM FA-115    
  Belgium F-16AM FA-125    
  Belgium F-16AM FA-135    
  Belgium L-21B LB-02    
  Belgium SA316B M-1    
  Belgium SF260D ST-20    
  Belgium SF260D ST-23    
  Belgium SF260D ST-25    
  Belgium SF260D ST-43    
  France Alpha Jet E42 / 314-TA    
  France Alpha Jet E69 / 314-TO    
  France Cessna F406 0008 / ABM    
  France EMB121AN 090 / ZF    
  France Mirage 2000B 528 / 12-KO    
  France SA341F 1175 / BDM    
  France TBM-700B 156 / ABT    
  Germany Tornado IDS 43+32    
  Germany UH-1D 73+63    
  Greece F-16D-50Q-CF 081    
  Ireland PC-9M 265    
  Netherlands PC-7 L-13    
  Nato E-3A LX-N90445    
  Norway F-16BM 711    
  Portugal F-16A-15-CF 15117    
  Portugal F-16B-15-CF 15118    
  Portugal TB-30 11403    
  Portugal TB-30 11411    
  Romania AN-26 808    
  Romania MiG-21MF 6607    
  United Kingdom Griffin HT1 ZJ242    
  United Kingdom Sea King ASaC7 XV707    
  Turkey F-4E 67-0268    
  Turkey F-4E 68-0350    
  United States C-21A 84-0068    
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