2010 Volkel AFB - EHVK

Last Updated: Monday, 21 April 2014

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Date: Country: Type: Serial: Remarks: Event:
7 october 2010 Austrian Air Force J105Ö 1126 / F   Tiger meet 2010
    J105Ö 1127 / G    
    J105Ö 1137 / G    
  Belgian Air Force F-16AM FA-70    
    F-16AM FA-81    
    F-16AM FA-87    
    F-16AM FA-129    
    F-16AM FA-132    
    F-16AM FA-133    
    F-16BM FB-20    
  Czech Air Force JAS39C 9234    
    JAS39C 9235    
    JAS39C 9245    
    JAS39D 9819    
    L-159T1 6069    
    Mi-35 3371    
  French Air Force Mirage 2000B 525 / 118-AM    
    Mirage 2000C 80 / 103-LI    
    Mirage 2000C 112 / 103-KQ    
    Mirage 2000C 121 / 103-KN    
    Mirage 2000C 122 / 103-YE    
    Mirage 2000D 635 / 118-AS    
    Mirage 2000D 668 / 118-IG    
  German Air Force Tornado ECR 46+29    
    Tornado ECR 46+30    
    Tornado IDS 45+64    
    Tornado IDS 46+10    
    Tornado IDS 46+15    
  Hungarian Air Force JAS39C 32    
    JAS39C 36    
    JAS39D 42    
    JAS39D 43    
  Netherlands Air Force AS532U2 S-453    
    F-16AM J-008    
    F-16AM J-009    
    F-16AM J-014    
    F-16AM J-016    
    F-16AM J-055    
    F-16AM J-514    
    F-16AM J-637    
    F-16AM J-638    
    F-16AM J-641    
    F-16AM J-642    
    F-16AM J-866    
    F-16BM J-369    
  Norwegian Air Force F-16AM 276    
    F-16AM 291    
    F-16AM 658    
    F-16AM 660    
    F-16AM 671    
    F-16AM 672    
    F-16BM 692    
  Turkish Air Force F-16C-50-CF 93-0682    
    F-16D-50-CF 93-0696    
  Civ - Alexandair INC Lj.36A N116MA    
  Civ - Dutch aviation police
EC135 PH-PXA    
  Civ - United Kingdom SC-7 Skyvan 3-100 G-BEOL    


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