2012 De Kooy Navel Base - EHKD

Last Updated: Monday, 14 April 2014

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Date: Country: Type: Serial: Remarks: Event:
15-sep-12 Belgian Air Force A109BA H21    
  Belgian Air Force A109BA H24 Demo  
  Belgian Air Force SA316B M-3    
  Civ - Breitling L-39C ES-TLC    
  Civ - Breitling L-39C ES-TLG    
  Civ - Breitling L-39C ES-YLF    
  Civ - Breitling L-39C ES-YLP    
  Civ - Breitling L-39C ES-YLR    
  Civ - Breitling L-39C ES-YLS    
  Civ - Breitling L-39C ES-YLX    
  Civ - Bristow Helicopters S-61N G-BPWB    
  Civ - CHC Helicopters AW139 PH-SHP    
  Civ - CHC Helicopters S-92A OY-HKA    
  Civ - Dakota Heritage Inc Owner Trust. DC-3C N473DC    
  Civ - Div YAK-52 RA1771K    
  Civ - Div YAK-52 RA3411K    
  Civ - Div YAK-52 RA3480K    
  Civ - Div YAK-52 RA3515K    
  Civ - Martinair Vliegschool DA-42NG PH-MFA    
  Civ - Martinair Vliegschool TB 20 PH-MLL    
  Civ - NHV - Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen AS-365N-3 OO-NHU    
  Civ - R.T. Heinen AB204B PH-UEY    
  Civ - Stitching Dutch Mustang Flight P-51D PH-PSI    
  Civ - United Kingdom Jet Provost T3A G-BVEZ / XM479    
  Civ - United Kingdom Jet Provost T5 G-BWSG / XW324    
  Netherlands Air Force NH90-NFH N-195    
  Netherlands Air Force NH90-NFH N-228    
  Netherlands Air Force PC-7 L-03    
  Netherlands Air Force SH-14D 261 Farewell scheme
  Netherlands Air Force SH-14D 273 Farewell scheme


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